Do you love beauty, fashion and hair? Join a community of like minded creative trendsetters who are excited to share the fun and invite you to the PRETTYPARTY. Best of all, earn money while you style, play and post! Follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Submit your entry form via the JOIN TEAMPRETTY button and you'll receive a welcome email from our CEO Laura Mayer that includes next steps to creating your account.

2. Create a discount code – click CREATE CODE button in the welcome email to create your discount code and link. After creating your code, you will receive an additional email that includes your personal discount code, unique link and link to log into your account. *Be sure to save this email, so you can easily access your code, link and account login

3. Copy and paste your personal discount code and unique PRETTYPARTY link into your social media posts (Example:Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms) every time you talk about PRETTYPARTY or our products! Every time one of your friends or followers buys our products using this link, you receive 20% of the purchase price of the products they buy (not including shipping charges, sales tax, or a ny returns or chargebacks). You can get this payment via PayPal or Venmo to credit. You'll receive your payment every month. How much will you #loveprettyparty when that money just appears in your account every month?

The best way to encourage your friends and followers to buy our products is to demonstrate, review, and talk about them. Videos and pics are especially good! You’ll want to make sure you have products of your own to demonstrate or review. Here is a discount code giving you 50% off your first purchase of any hair extension: AMBASSADOR. Add the discount code at checkout.

Talking about, demonstrating and reviewing PRETTYPARTY products is the best way to get your friends to join the fun! We'll keep you updated with fresh video content and photos that you can repost or share with your followers. We can't wait to let you know about exclusive perqs, special insider - only events, promotions and upcoming product introductions too!

As a PRETTYPARTY Brand Ambassador we always want to hear your thoughts about our products, what we can do differently, or anything else on your mind.

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Thank you for joining TeamPretty!