The Perfect Ponytail with THE RUBY!
Watch Mara demonstrate how easy it is to style a ponytail with THE RUBY in Light Brown. 


Adjust To Your Desired Length!
Get a long, medium or short ponytail in seconds with one extension THE RUBY. Watch Katty show you how easy it is to adjust your length with THE RUBY in Dark Blonde. 


Cutest Messy Bun Ever!
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Watch Coco style up this fun messy bun in seconds.


Pump Up Your Tiny Bun!
Pump up that tiny bun for a super fun everyday look! We love this “messy bun” style on Jnicole! 


Alternate Ponytail Application for Naturally Curly Hair! 
Watch Rachel show you how easy it is to apply her perfect ponytail with THE RUBY in Light Brown by twisting her naturally curly hair around her RUBY ponytail base and pinning. You can braid your own hair and twist around the base for an alternative look!


THE RUBY How-To in Spanish! Thicker Hair? No Problem!
Watch Diana walk you through how easy it is to style THE RUBY in a ponytail in Spanish. Rather than blending her own hair in with THE RUBY she twists her hair around the ponytail base and pins. 


The Perfect Ponytail with THE RUBY in Spanish!
Watch Mara demonstrate how easy it is to style a ponytail in Spanish with THE RUBY in Light Brown. 


Introducing THE RUBY!
Learn how amazing and versatile THE RUBY is in this demonstration by Brittney.


THE RUBY Styled Half Up Half Down
Want next level volume and a bump in the ever so popular half up half down look? RUBY is the perfect solution to that extra voluminous layer you need to create this half up half down style. Watch Ashley show you how!


THE RUBY X1, X2, X3 = Gorgeous Voluminous Looks!
Amazing transformation right before your eyes! Swipe through Mara’s beautiful transformation wearing 1, 2 and 3 of THE RUBY. 


THE RUBY X2 – Double Ponytails!!
Style up your ponytails in seconds with THE RUBY! Watch Erubey apply 2 of THE RUBY in Medium Blonde to her existing ponytails for this playful look! You can easily twist them tightly into space buns for an alternative look in seconds!


THE RUBY X2 – Ponytail Up!
Want more volume and hair to play with? Take your already amazing RUBY ponytail and add another! Madison is all about her double ponytail and she loves to mix her color! She’s wearing Platinum Blonde and Ice Blonde for this chic look.