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Tuesday, October 29 by Kelli Gomez

I was SO excited when I found extensions that look exactly like the hair of a certain A list celebrity singer in her music videos that I had to write a review about it!

I was never much of an extensions gal until I decided to try these amazing ponytail extensions I'd found on the internet. (Pretty much the exact same look that you see this singer wearing in all her concert and music videos!)

I'd always thought that her Vogue-approved ponytail would've been expensive AF - I mean, she's worn the high ponytail style in all of her music videos, her hair is almost as famous as she is! I’m sure you’ve seen them—everyone has!

So I searched for the same hairstyle extensions on Google - I thought that it would cost me an arm and a leg. But I was wrong.

I ordered them on PRETTYPARTY - a cool new LA-based beauty company that is getting a lot of buzz by, they say, helping you create affordable celebrity looks in 30 seconds or less. The company is apparently super hot because they created salon-quality, patent-pending DIY hair extensions that let you take control of your style without spending hours in a salon or blowing your entire paycheque. The style I got was "The Ruby".

Apparently, millions of women came across the product after seeing it on TV shows like Access Hollywood, Celebrity Page and the CMT Music Awards.

Even Kellie Pickler, American Idol Finalist, actress and country music artist, has been using this hair extension. So, all of the buzz around the product was causing it to fly off the shelf.

I was impressed by Kellie’s look, and I started thinking—are other celebrity musicians wearing PRETTYPARTY extensions too? The Ruby and another style, The Roxy, sure looked like the hair I was seeing in those music videos! I had to try it out for myself - so I ordered it online and it got shipped to my door within a few days!

Mayra Rodriguez

Beautiful hair!!!! Amazing price for the length. Very comfortable and stays in place. I am in love with it and get constant compliments. Will definitely buy again!!

Is It Really Worth The Hype?

Well, the product has managed to sell out every month. It’s also built up a loyal base of followers - from celebrities to models to women and girls of all ages. There’s been a huge buzz on social media too.

The extension features 30 inches of salon quality, heat friendly fiber that’s powered by patented StyleFlex® Technology.

The company that developed and patented it, PRETTYPARTY, designed it to have the flexibility you need to style your hair in all sorts of ways, or change your look whenever you want, perfectly fast.

On their website, I saw that the product already had some compelling 5-star reviews. So, I was eager to try it out.

However, I was a little skeptical because word has it the best extensions are actually quite a bit more expensive. Plus, I wondered whether they had a color that would look right with my own hair.

But since the price tag for this product was reasonable, I felt encouraged enough to test it out. I ordered the dark brown because I thought it would be the best match. I WAS ALL IN!

Here's What Happened When It Arrived

My first thought when I removed it from the package was how life-like it felt. The colors also blended in, and it matched perfectly with my real hair.

It looks EXACTLY like the tutorial videos, and it felt like real human hair.

Both good signs!

So, I sat in front of my mirror and pulled my natural hair into a tight bun, then applied and secured the StyleFlex® extension by placing it through my bun and wrapping it around my real hair.

Tatiana Khokhorina

I am very pleased with product. Beautiful, easy to put it on and look fabulous!!! I recommended it to my friends already. Thanks a bunch !!!

It took 30 seconds to secure it around my normal ponytail. I felt bomb AF and I couldn't stop swishing, and snapping photos of it. All of a sudden - I had that certain celebrity singer’s signature look - at less than half of the price I thought I'd be paying. And the way it attaches on top of my hair is really unique, no beads or tape or clips, no damage to my hair or scalp, and because it’s on top of my hair instead of underneath, the color looks perfect. Not only that, but it’s a big time saver—no salon visits, no time-consuming applications. It really does take only 30 seconds to style or change my hair!

A month later, I'm STILL excited by how awesome it looks and how durable it is - and I'll soon be wearing it to a concert where I think my hair will be a perfect match for the singer’s - I don't think there's a more suitable occasion than that!

Extensions are rarely inexpensive for good quality, so if you want to channel that iconic 30” ponytail this year, I'd definitely grab one before it's too late.

Safe to say, "The Ruby" will be selling out at some point today because they're now offering the option of having split payments. Get shopping, people!

Is It Really Worth The Hype?

Joanna Merrill

I absolutely love my Ruby. It has given me the confidence and look that I have missed since losing much of my hair due to surgery. I couldn’t be happier.

Sophia Lopes

I received my Ruby in the mail yesterday and was so excited to use it!! I literally did my bun this morning for work in 30 seconds. It looked so natural and full. Can't wait to try a ponytail

Kate McStravick

Obsessed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this pony. Came super fast and it's amazing. I've worn it almost daily and feel like the queen b for sure. So easy to use and looks incredible! Cant wait to order more products!

Marie Villa

I love this extension. It's the best ponytail I've purchased. The hair is the exact color of my hair and it looks natural.

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