Our Story

We’re a beauty company doing things differently.

Our products are inspired by you – creative, playful and always pretty – because you don’t follow trends, you set them.

PRETTYPARTY was founded in 2017 in Los Angeles, home to beautiful people and the hottest beauty trends— and the city where its founder, Laura Mayer, was born and raised. While planning to create the next great diverse beauty company, Laura decided initially to focus on the hair category, then apply the same core principles to other beauty product categories. Says Laura, “Whether at a movie premiere, a launch party for a clothing line, an art gallery, or my ranch, I heard the same thing from the hottest trendsetters about their look: there are plenty of options for beauty, but nowhere to turn for fast, easy, cost-effective, and most importantly beautiful designs for hair. So, I decided to create one. And now, after talking to our awesome PRETTYPARTY customers for two years, I realize that there is a similar need for affordable, innovative, do-it-yourself solutions in areas ranging from skin care to brows and lashes.”

PRETTYPARTY’s goal is simple: to provide people of every age, ethnicity and lifestyle with fashionable, innovative designs and products that save time and money, promote health as an integral element of beauty, and create eye catching, shareable looks. The company knows that trends aren’t born in ad campaigns. They are born in your home or on the streets where individuality reigns, where style starts with creativity, fun, and the right products, and where everyone can bring out their own inner beauty affordably and simply.

Our Founder

In addition to the animals and equine therapy at her ranch, Laura’s other passions include organic living and farming, interior design, and all things beauty-and fashion-related. “When you live on a ranch and are highly dependent on, and integrated with, nature, you quickly realize that organic living isn’t just what you eat, but a philosophy and a lifestyle.” Laura’s organic lifestyle encompasses harvesting her own produce, eating organic and seasonal foods, purchasing organic personal products and cleaning goods, and caring for animals with only organic products.

Recently, Laura extended her interests to include the cultivation of olive trees and the making of olive oil—of course, using organic farming techniques. Several years ago, Laura acquired an olive grove with 220 trees that are direct descendants of the olive trees planted by the missionaries who settled California in the 1500’s. Laura’s olives are hand-picked to ensure that the distinctive mild flavor of the California Mission Olive is true to its heritage, pressed into oil, bottled same day and ready for consumption. Her extra virgin olive oil brand, Franciscano, is an homage to the spirituality and animal-loving philosophy of the Franciscan monks who settled in California centuries ago.

Laura has been fortunate to have traveled extensively through Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa, which gave her an appreciation for other cultures, traditions and the arts. This, coupled with her own sense of creativity and fashion, has provided her with an impeccable eye for design and style—whether of the interior of homes, of clothing, or (of course) of beauty products. Says Laura, “I have been credited with many innovations in interior design, fashion, and beauty—and even have patent-pending new technologies, such as PRETTYPARTY’s StyleFlex®, to my name—but the reality is that all style and design has its origin in the human experience either some time in the past or in another culture somewhere in our world. I believe that my role as the founder of PRETTYPARTY is simply to translate everything I’ve experienced into new and exciting products to help make beautiful looks easy, fast, affordable, and fun—all the while consistent with the values and philosophies that I have come to embrace in my own life.”

Our Values

PRETTYPARTY loves beauty and fashion! But even more importantly, the company knows how essential it is to love ourselves and one another. Therefore, PRETTYPARTY has adopted what it calls the PRETTYPARTY Code of Conduct. The company has publicly promised unconditionally that:

  • We will never test our products on animals.
  • We will always operate with tolerance and respect for all genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, and view points-so long as they are tolerant and respectful themselves.
  • We will always give a percentage of our profits to deserving charities that support the care, rescue, and proper treatment of animals.
  • We will always act with unquestioned integrity.