PRETTYPARTY Headquarters


Our headquarters are in beautiful Bel Air, California, home to stars, celebrities, and multimillion dollar mansions. But PRETTYPARTY Headquarters is more than just an awesome building. Instead, we’ve turned it into an Instagram studio with cool photo booths and eye-catching backdrops, a venue to host events for the PRETTYPARTY community, and an incubator for all of the beauty innovations that PRETTYPARTY stands for.

As one of the perqs of our Brand Ambassador program, please drop by to say hello, create some great content, and maybe even meet our founder Laura Mayer, if she’s not out rescuing animals or attending a movie premiere! Just email us to make arrangements at

And if you’re too busy or too far away to come by, please email us photos of you in your “PRETTYPARTY-est” setting, or post them and tag us! The energy is amazing at PRETTYPARTY Headquarters!

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